About us

Our profile mainly corresponds to the international transportation and carriage of goods. We’re at service with our successively improving technology and fleet including 21 boxed trucks with swap-body containers. Our trucks are provided with the latest GPS system.The compensation limit of CMR insurance coverage achieves 200.000 € per truck.

From the very beginning we are a member of the Integrated Constitution of the Federation of International Private Transporters (NiT Hungary), taking part in its presidency from 2005.  Transportation outside the EU is covered by TIR Carnet.

What we offer:

Transportation of

  • soft goods, goods in paper boards, hanged goods
  • furniture
  • swap-containers (hired containers)
  • re-housing
  • normal goods


We have been doing our best for 24 years to meet the requirements and measuring up to standards set up by the century. Our fleet consists of 110-120 m3 boxed road trains and has been recently developing.


  • 1993: Business set up
  • 1994-1995: beginning to work, transporting clothing articles for Szarvasi Szirén Clothing factory to Switzerland and Austria
  • 1995-től: transporting with 40 tons trucks, innovation
  • 2005: relocating to new premises, Kondoros
  • 2014: 20-year-jubilee of our work, fleet innovation and expansion
  • 2015: Along with boxed trailers, we transport with tilt Jumbo ( 3m I-Height, toplifting ) trailers
  • 2016: Our fleet includes 20 road trains, suitable for carrying Jumbo constructions
  • BDF swap-body containers
  • 2 X (7,70 m x 2,90 m  x 2,47 m)
  • suitable for furniture and hanged clothes
  • the 2-pallet wide containers are able to carry 19 pallets/container
  • aluminum , keyhole patterned smooth platform
  • ramp height : 95-140 cm
  • fixing the cargo with fastening straps and bars
  • bondable, non-floodable
  • Tilt Jumbo LKW
  • 2 X (7,70 m x 3 m+Top lift  x 2,47 m)
  • the 2-pallet wide containers / 19 pallets per container
  • ramp height: 110-145 cm
  • fixing the cargo with fastening straps
  • non-floodable
  • 21 tons ( 10-11 t )



ADACarvenDACHSERDB SCHENKERDHLGerard DarelESPRITMercedes-BenzRöschTriumph


Pál Paluska 


Tel.: +36 66 388 922 /15

Mobil: +36-30-938-4807

e-mail: ppali@wmtrans.hu

Paluska Zoltán


Tel.: +36 66 388 922 /17

Mobil: +36-30-995-6675

e-mail: sodornok@gmail.com

 Pál Valach 

Office Manager

Tel.: +36 66 388 922 /15

Mobil: +36-30-958-3503

e-mail: vpali@wmtrans.hu

Péter Petrovszki

Technical Assistance

Tel.: +36 66 388 922 /16

Mobil: +36-30-938-6251

e-mail: peti@wmtrans.hu

Ibolya Molnár


Tel.: +36 66 388 922 /13

Mobil: +36-30-239-5960

e-mail : ibolya@wmtrans.hu

Sinkovicz Tamás

Freight Forwarder

Tel.: +36 66 388 922 /12

Mobil: +36-30-536-6020

e-mail: tomi@wmtrans.hu

Nóra Petrovszki

Freight Forwarder

Tel.: +36 66 388 922 /11

Mobil: +36-30-449-1374

e-mail: nora@wmtrans.hu

Jancsó Ágnes

Freight Forwarder





Work-Metall Trans Kft.

H-5553 Kondoros, Csabai út 49.
Telefon: + 36 - 66 - 388 - 922
Fax: + 36 - 66 - 589 - 100
Mobil: +36 - 30 - 938 - 4807
TimoCom ID: 007238


Jubilee and renewal at Work-Metall Trans

This year, we are celebrating our 20-year-existence. The continuous innovation and development are well expressed by our new image, webpage and our redesigned logo that has been printed on our vehicles.
The office and its IT system have also been renewed by a successful project. We offer our quality service
to all of our clients, hoping that satisfaction will be inevitable.


Swap Body Transport

Our company puts lots of effort into the progressive improvement of its fleet. We work with expanding capacity. We make our best with positive and trustworthy attitude to satisfy our client’s demands as well as to establish and keep a great relationship with them in order to work together in future too.  Also, we aim to comply with the demand of the market in the purpose of undertaking bigger tasks in the transport sector with respect to flourishing cooperations, we are open to getting into contact with new partners. If you are interested in our company, feel free to write an email or contact us.